Master Tung's Magic Point Series

EC Learning, in conjunction with the Acupuncture Association of America, is proud to present the Master Tung’s Magic Points Series with Susan Johnson.  We are excited to launch a comprehensive online series of courses that encompasses the full scope of Master Tung’s material as taught by Susan Johnson, internationally recognized teacher of Master Tung’s Style Acupuncture.  

There is much value in learning Tung’s style, as most patients respond to treatments within 1-2 sessions, and very few needles are used during treatment sessions – the Tung family acupuncture method is unique and produces repeatable and reliable results.  Many of Tung’s Points are located opposite the affected area, and work with energetic pathways that allow practitioners to select only a few powerful points for treatment.  Using Tung’s acupuncture is very safe as most of the points are located on the extremities. The well-chosen treatment pushes energy toward a deficiency, or pulls it from an excess. Due to these unique treatment protocols, this efficient system enables practitioners to see many patients in a short time and is perfect for community style acupuncture. Patients love the simplicity and immediate effectiveness of this style of treatment.  Learning this method will revolutionize your practice, and enable you to serve your patients in a profound and lasting way.

We are offering the following Master Tung's courses (click through the links below, or see the note on this page about series/course formats for more information):

The Best of Master Tung's Magic Points

Master Tung's Magic Points - Beginning Series

Master Tung's Magic Points - Advanced Series

Master Tung's Magic Points - The Ancient Art of Cupping

Master Tung's Magic Points - The Ancient Art of Bleeding

NEW: Master Tung's Magic Points - Point Location & Needling Guidelines Series

Looking for clarity on how to navigate learning Master Tung's Magic Points?

Watch this FREE recorded Q&A webinar with Susan Johnson, as she answers the most frequently asked questions about her comprehensive series. Click here to watch.

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About Susan Johnson

Susan JohnsonSusan Johnson, L.Ac., has been studying and practicing acupuncture for over 30 years, and is an esteemed teacher of Master Tung’s Magic Points. This potent system of acupuncture has been handed down as a treasured family secret for generations, and made public by Master Tung Ching Chang.  Throughout her career, Susan has relied extensively on Tung’s points, and has been teaching classes on the topic since 1985.

Series/Course Formats

In this comprehensive online series, the material is presented in a variety of learning modules that the practitioner can choose from depending on his/her level of interest, and can select ‘a la carte,’ either studying an entire series, or specific sections, depending on his/her needs*.  Attendees of this course will get:

  • access to recordings with course access lengths dependent on the purchase type – see note below for more information
  • a detailed copy of carefully compiled notes for download
  • a comprehensive table of contents with timecodes, that encompasses a full description of what is covered in each course
  • crystal clear video clips that demonstrate the precise point location and needling techniques for points and other techniques covered in class

There are 3 independent components currently available in the series: The Best of Master Tung's Magic Points, The Beginning Series (Weekends One, Two and Three), and The Advanced Series. Courses are offered in 3 learning options, either as full series packages, full segment modules (ie., the full Beginning 1 Series, or the full Beginning 2 Series, etc.), or as individual segment modules, broken-down into 1-2 hour learning segments.

In addition, we offer two specialty courses that are available individually: The Ancient Art of Cupping and The Ancient Art of Bleeding.

*The Best of Master Tung's Magic Points course is available ONLY as a complete series - there are no 'a-la-carte' options for this course.

Choosing a Course

When looking at courses, a detailed and clear table of contents with specific information covered in each course will be made available, so you can determine what you would like to buy before purchasing.  Depending on your experience level with Tung’s Points, you can pick and choose what courses you would like to take;  if you are already familiar with Tung’s Points, you can choose whatever courses you like, but if you are new, you may want to start with the Best Of or Beginning Series – there are no set prerequisites or mandatory viewing order, and there is a wealth of knowledge in these courses to absorb the techniques presented.  Once purchased, you will be able to access courses and replay them as many times as you wish during your access period, so that you can easily integrate the material into your daily practice.  

We welcome you to the Comprehensive Master Tung’s System of Acupuncture, and hope you enjoy learning with EC Learning and Susan Johnson!

A Note on Course Access Periods

It is the speaker’s wishes that courses in this series are completed in a timely manner, and that practitioners commit to learning the material and completing the required CEU/PDA materials (if desired by the practitioner) within certain timeframes. Therefore, the access periods to these courses is limited to one year from date of purchase.

It is strongly advised that when purchasing courses, that the practitioner ensures s/he can complete the course(s) and all required materials in that timeframe;  if extended access is required, the practitioner will need to repurchase the course(s) and make a note in the 'Special Instructions' field on check-out that this course is a repurchase.


On September 14, 2018 10:00 PM PST through September 15, 2018 7:00 AM PST our e-learning platform will be undergoing scheduled maintenance. During the maintenance window, online courses will be intermittently available. Thank you for your patience!


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