Master Tung's Magic Points - Advanced Series

In this Advanced Series, diseases and point combinations are discussed in these convenient modules exploring a wide variety of practical and valuable information that you can pick and choose from - either choose separate segments or buy the whole weekend. To review the modules and their contents, please click on each individual module link for more information, and access to a detailed table of contents description.

Please Note: This segment deals with the applications and clinical use of Tung points only. Few point locations are given in this section. For point location information, please see the Beginning Series.

2 Options for Completing the Advanced Series

Susan Johnson’s Advanced Series material is normally presented over two 3-day seminar weekends. This online version of her popular course offers multiple learning options from booking a full weekend or picking and choosing specific learning segments via our “a la carte” options. Your learning choices are as follows:

  • A complete full, three-day module package (ie., the Advanced Series 1: Diseases & Point Combinations)
  • Or, convenient 1-2 hour segments. These segments cover specific Tung’s point locations, functions, and indications. Each segment will include crystal clear video clips demonstrating the precise point location and needling technique for points addressed during the segment.

Through this online medium, you can watch and replay the recording as many times as you'd like during the one-year access period, with comprehensive notes for download and a table of contents available for download as well. 

Series: Diseases & Point Combinations

All segments offered in 1 package with a 1-year access period

Recorded Seminar: Advanced Series - Diseases & Combinations (All Parts)

Recorded Seminar: Advanced Series - Diseases & Combinations (All Parts)

CEUs/PDAs: 10 1/2 (Approved: Canadian Standard, California, NCCAOM, Florida).
Availability:In Stock
List Price: CAD$450.00
Your Price CAD$450.00/10.5 hrs

1-2 Hour Segments

The entire series broken down into 1-2 hour segments and available individually, each with a 1-year access period. Click through each course to register & read a detailed breakdown of topics covered or download the table of contents for each part in the list below.

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These specialty courses are available individually, each with a 1-year access period. Click through each course for more info!

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Recorded Seminar: Master Tung's Magic Points - The Ancient Art of Cupping

CEUs/PDAs: 11 1/2 (Approved: Standard, NCCAOM, California, Florida).
Availability:In Stock
List Price: CAD$435.00
Your Price CAD$435.00/11.5 hours
Recorded Seminar: Master Tung

Recorded Seminar: Master Tung's Magic Points - The Ancient Art of Bleeding

CEUs/PDAs: 5 1/2 (Approved: Standard, NCCAOM, Florida).
Availability:In Stock
List Price: CAD$225.00
Your Price CAD$225.00/5.5 hours

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