Master Tung's Magic Points - Point Location & Needling Guidelines

The two most common reasons why acupuncture treatments are ineffective are inappropriate diagnosis and inaccurate point location. The late Dr. Miriam Lee would say, “you must find the right key to open each lock.” She was right about that, and Master Tung’s Magic Points offer the acupuncture practitioner just those options. No matter what you are treating, once you have studied Tung acupuncture you will recognize many differing points or patterns to choose from when contemplating each patient’s situation. However, if your point location is inaccurate your treatment still may not work.

In these webinars you will learn how to find the exact point location, first through the body’s landmarks and then through concise palpation. The best points, faultlessly needled, should have a tangible effect within moments of their application. This is what you will learn to expect from properly needling Tung’s points. Susan will help you to recognize what might be an incorrect needling of Master Tung’s Points and give you the understanding you need to perfect your point location and needling techniques. 

In the Point Location & Needling Guidelines webinars, you will learn how to perfectly execute the most commonly used points in this extraordinary system of acupuncture. Whether you have been practicing for decades or perhaps only months, you will benefit from Susan’s careful guidance and personal attention to detail, as she critiques the needling experience of her students, on different body shapes and sizes.

Complete Series

9 hours of recorded seminars, with a 1-year access period.

Recorded Seminar: Master Tung

Recorded Seminar: Master Tung's Magic Points - Point Location & Needling Guidelines Series

CEUs/PDAs: 9 (Approved: Canadian Standard, NCCAOM, CAB, Florida).
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1-2 Hour Segments

The entire series broken down into 1-2 hour segments and available individually, each with a 1-year access period. Click through each course to register & read a detailed breakdown of topics covered or download the table of contents for each part in the list below.


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