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Bruce Bentley has practiced and researched cupping for over 40 years. This began during a 5-year doctors program in TCM (in Chinese) in Taiwan. His background includes a Masters Degree in Health Studies with his thesis titled Cupping as Therapeutic Technology, extensive fieldwork throughout Asia, Europe and Africa and lecturing in University TCM Departments. In 2017, Bruce began as an editorial advisor for World Health Organization (WHO), was nominated for and accepted the role of president of the World Society for Ethnomedicine, and presented 3 workshops at the Rothenburg TCM Kongress in Germany. Steven Clavey, author and editor of The Lantern wrote, “There is no doubt that Bruce is the foremost international expert on the history and practice of cupping.” Over 20 years ago Bruce presented the world’s first cupping courses.

His essays are available to read at


We are excited to offer two upcoming in-person, live cupping workshops in Vancouver, BC. Details are still being finalized, so please save-the-date and stay tuned for more details.

The 3-day Master Class and the 2-day Modern Cupping Therapy can be attended as separate workshops, or attend both as a comprehensive back to back 5 day program and be awarded with an additional Advanced Certificate in Integrated Cupping Therapy.

Master Class in Traditional East-West Cupping

Date: September 20-22, 2017
Location: Vancouver, BC (Exact Location is TBD)

In the Master Class in Traditional East-West Cupping you will discover a world of the best cupping practices. This course will provide the practitioner with practical diagnostic skills, expert technique, and the knowledge to successfully treat a host of illness and pain conditions.

Some of the highlights of the Master Class, using the traditional glass & flame method of application include:

  • ŸThe safest and most refined way of applying cups

  • ŸThe 5 vacuum levels to harmonize different stages of dysfunction

  • ŸRussian cupping massage

  • ŸCupping Deficiency: by removing coldness and restoring integrity to internal dysfunction and to weak and flaccid (chronic) soft tissue discord. Special emphasis is given to restoring Kidney yang deficiency and strengthening the lower back.

  • ŸAn upper back cupping treatment together with tuina to the legs

  • Cupping combined with massage & stretching, including Illiotibial band release techniques.

  • ŸEastern and Western cupping methods for common cold and other respiratory ailments

  • ŸTreatment for knee and joint pain

  • ŸCupping and external liniments & more

Modern Cupping Workshop

Date: September 23-24, 2017
Location: Vancouver, BC (Exact Location is TBD)

The Modern Cupping Workshop explores a new range of conditions that can be treated by employing flexible silicone cups, and facial, bell and magnetic Haci cups all with an attached aspirator pump. These newly designed tools have enabled an exciting new treatment vista for cupping. In this workshop you will learn:

  • Mending the Fascia – featuring diagnosis with a treatment focus on the rehabilitation of the hip region.

  • Neck, shoulder, back and intercostal release methods.

  • ŸLight facial cupping with Haci cups placed on distal points to benefit sinus congestion, dermatological conditions, mild headache and Bells Palsy.

  • ŸAbdominal cupping

  • ŸTreatment for compartment syndrome, plantar fasciitis and ankle injury

  • ŸCupping & mobilizations

  • ŸTreatment for cellulite, stretch marks and scars

  • ŸSelf-maintenance cupping for the practitioner & more!


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