Susan Johnson

Susan Johnson

Susan graduated from the ACTCM in San Francisco, in 1984, and was licensed to practice TCM, in 1985. She has studied extensively with Drs. Miriam Lee and Young Wei Chieh, both students of Master Tung Ching Chang. Susan Johnson, L.Ac., is in private practice in Santa Cruz, California, and teaches Tung's Points internationally and throughout the United States. Her style is clear and detail-oriented. Though she may utilize other acupuncture systems and techniques occasionally (like KHT and scalp acupuncture), Susan has been practicing Tung's Points for thirty years and predominantly uses them in treating her patients. She lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and also enjoys studying Classical Chinese Medicine, Taoist Qi Gong, Japanese brush painting, gardening and playing music.

Free Webinar with Susan Johnson

Looking for clarity on how to navigate learning Master Tung's Magic Points?

Watch this FREE recorded Q&A webinar with Susan Johnson, as she answers the most frequently asked questions about her comprehensive series. Click here to watch.

Susan Johnson's Available Courses:

Over 58 hours of recordings to teach you this valuable and effective points system and to take your practice to the next level. Click here to learn more about the complete series.

The following Master Tung's Magic Points courses are now available online:

The Best of Master Tung's Magic Points

This Course will give any practitioner a very good overview of the entire Master Tung's system and is a great place to get started. Click here to learn more.

Master Tung's Magic Points - Beginning Series

Start here if you are brand new to the Master Tung's points system as you will learn the history and build your understanding of the theory, while also learning the points of the hands, arms, feet, legs, face, head & torso. Click here to learn more.

Master Tung's Magic Points - Advanced Series: Diseases & Point Combinations

This series is ideal for students with a strong understanding of Master Tung's theory, who are looking to expand their knowledge and practice with protocols and point combinations to address specific diseases. Click here to learn more.

Master Tung's Magic Points - Point Location & Needling Guidelines Series

In the Point Location & Needling Guidelines webinars, you will learn how to perfectly execute the most commonly used points in this extraordinary system of acupuncture. Whether you have been practicing for decades or perhaps only months, you will benefit from Susan’s careful guidance and personal attention to detail. Click here to learn more.

Master Tung's Magic Points - The Ancient Art of Cupping

This course is devoted to the ancient art of Cupping. A lecture will be presented, and will cover all the different styles of suction technique, as well as gua xia, followed by demonstrations of cupping patterns, with detailed explanations. Click here to learn more.

Master Tung's Magic Points - The Ancient Art of Bleeding

This series of webinars are designed to explore: the origins of blood-letting; different styles and forms of bleeding; sterile technique and safety concerns; and to provide instruction on a wide variety of points that are bled for common ailments. Click here to learn more.

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