Tips for a great webinar

At Eastern Currents Learning we want to make sure that you have a great webinar experience. Below are some helpful troubleshooting tips to help you get set up and ensure you have the best experience possible.

This tip sheet covers:

General Viewing Tips

  • To access your recorded and live webinars, you will need to login to your account and then go to your My eLearning Items. Your My eLearning Items can be found in the following places:

    1. When you purchase an online course, there will be a link to your eLearning items on the Thank You page in the check out process, as seen below.
    eLearning Items Link After Purchase
    2. Under the Learning drop down menu.

      3. Under the Store drop down menu.

  • Please note, our recommended internet browser* is Mozilla Firefox - Don't have Firefox? Click here to download it for free, or see below for more detailed instructions on how to get it.

  • When viewing a paid recorded webinar on Eastern Currents' platform, you should not be prompted to log in again through Adobe Connect after accepting the disclaimer.  If you are prompted to log in through Adobe Connect in this situation, please check to see if your 3rd Party Cookies setting is disabled, and enable it while you are watching webinars and accessing course completion items. Your cookies settings are often found within your browser's options dialogue box. Adjusting cookies may vary from browser to browser, so if you are unsure, there are lots of instructions online, found through a handy Google search.

  • If you are having any problems viewing your webinar, downloading/viewing your notes or certificates, or opening up the Program Evaluations, Worksheets, or Quiz functions, try opening them in a Mozilla Firefox browser.

  • Your browser should be a current or most recent version of a browser – if you are using Internet Explorer, please ensure it is version 9 or higher, as older versions may not be as compatible with EC’s website and e-learning platform.

  • If you are using Chrome, and experience issues, try opening webinars and related materials in Mozilla Firefox.

  • Please ensure that in terms of your operating system, if you are using a PC, that you are using Windows XP or higher.  If you are using a MAC computer, please ensure you are using one of the more recent operating systems for the optimal viewing experience.

  • Our recommended Internet connection speed for optimal viewing of our recorded and live webinars is 512 Kilobits per second (Kbps).

  • It is important to ensure that all other programs, such as Skype, other browsers, etc. are closed when watching a live or recorded webinar. Having additional programs running will result in that program stealing bandwidth from the webinar, making it come through as choppy, or delayed. For optimal viewing, only the browser with the webroom should be open.

  • If your webinar link, webinar video, PDF notes, evaluation/worksheet forms, or information on your ‘My E-learning Items’ – course listing page is for some reason not displaying or showing properly, you can also try refreshing your page to see if the content you are looking for loads properly.    The small rotating arrow buttons below are examples of a refresh icon in web address bar:

What is a an Internet or web browser?
This is the window you open to access the internet on your computer.  Typically, you click on an icon on your desktop or under a listing on your Start menu to access the internet program you use to access the internet.  An example of Firefox and Internet Explorer icons are shown below:

How to download Mozilla Firefox:
You can simply open up a new web browser window, and then google ‘Mozilla Firefox free download’ or go to Firefox’s website and select the ‘Free Download’ button: 

You will then get a series of prompts to run/open/save the program to your computer – complete all of those steps, and then once the browser is installed (should only take a few minutes), you should see this icon on your desktop or start menu:

Click it and then go to Eastern Currents’ website, log in, and navigate to your courses under the ‘My E-learning’ tab and try opening your course/webinar in this browser.

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Obtaining Certificates

In order to obtain your certificate for completing a course, you must complete all of the Course Completion Items listed in the section under ‘Course Completion Items’ for that course.  For Standard Completion and California certificates, a Course Evaluation must be completed in its entirety and a Quiz must be passed;  for NCCAOM certificates, these completion items as well as a Program Worksheet must be filled out in full and submitted.  Once an item is successfully completed, a message appears thanking the user for completing the specified documentation.  See the example below:

Once all of the continuing education items are completed under ‘Course Completion Items’ for a course, a ‘Download Certificate’ button will appear at the bottom of a new tab called ‘Congratulations on Completing this Training!’.

Simply click on the 'Download Certificate' button, and a new window will appear where you can open or save a PDF of the certificate (Image #2);  you can print the certificate at this time, or save it to your computer for printing later.

Note:  It is recommended you save a copy and print the PDF certificate for your records during your 4 month access to the course.  Once the course expires, you will not have access to download and print the certificate after that time.

If you are unable to get the pop-up window to save or open the PDF of the certificate to your computer, try downloading and installing the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Visit: for information on the latest version of Adobe Reader X, and a link to a free download.

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Selecting Certificates

When you first purchase a course for CEUs/PDAs you will be required to select which certificate type (NCCAOM, California, IVAS, Standard, etc.) you require from the following drop down menu:

If you make a mistake and select the wrong certificate type when you first purchase the course, and want to change the certifying body (for example, you want NCCAOM credits, but originally selected California as your certificate type), then you must notify Eastern Currents as soon as possible that you require this change as you cannot change the certificate type through your account.  You can simply call 1-800-667-6866 or email  Eastern Currents will then give instructions on how to access your course materials and certificate.

It is important to note that while California, IVAS, and Standard Certificates of Completion only require a Program Evaluation and Quiz to be completed, if you require to switch from one of these certificate types to NCCAOM, Eastern Currents will need to email you a copy of the Program Worksheet Questions to fill out and return prior to receiving your NCCAOM Certificate.

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Problems Accessing Program Evaluations or Program Worksheets

If you are experiencing issues with your web browser closing or not loading the Program Worksheet or Program Evaluation forms correctly, you need to check what internet browser you are using.  If it is Internet Explorer, please try opening the evaluation or worksheet form in Mozilla Firefox, as this will often resolve the display issue.  If you continue to experience issues, please contact Eastern Currents.

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Downloading MP3s

To download an MP3 for applicable courses, simply go to the MP3 link under ‘Course Materials’ and right click on the MP3 link (for example, ‘Class 1 Downloadable MP3 – Part 1’- see example below). 

A menu window will then display, and then select ‘Save Link As…’  You will then be prompted to save the MP3 to your computer, where you can then access the MP3 to play in your media player once it is downloaded.  Please note:  This method of saving MP3s may vary depending on browser or media player being used.

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Tips for Successful Live Webinars

  • For live webinars, ensure that you are using a hard-wire, and not wireless connection, as this minimizes the possibility of transmission delays or interruptions in the video signal.

  • A fast internet connection is best, with access to speakers.

  • Please ensure you run the Adobe Technical Connection Test at least an hour prior to the webinar so that all of the appropriate computer and network connections are configured correctly for the webinar.  Please click on this link and it will automatically run a 4-step process:

  • The above-mentioned technical test will check your computer to ensure you have a compatible version of Adobe Flash Player.  If for some reason you need to manually download Adobe Flash Player to view the webinar, you can access a free download here:
    You will need to allow this latest version to download onto your computer in order for it to install.

  • Please note:  The link to access live webinars only becomes active 45 minutes prior to a webinar’s start time.  If you sign-in to your My E-learning Items earlier than 45 minutes prior to a webinar’s start time, you will need to refresh your My E-learning Items page in order for the web room link to display.

  • This is what it should look like when you have an active link to enter a live webinar room:

  • This is what it would look like if you opened your course early, or if it was 45 minutes before a live webinar’s start time and you still didn’t see the webinar room link.  You must refresh your page by clicking on the rotating arrow icon in your address bar:

    Example of the refresh button:

  • To earn CEUs for paid courses, your attendance is tracked when you are logged into the webroom. To ensure accuracy with your attendance, it is important that you remain logged into the webroom at all times, and that you only have one webroom open in your browser. Having multiple webrooms open at the same time will confuse the attendance tracker, and prevent you from earning credits for those hours. If you are logged out of the room for any reason, please log back in as soon as possible.

  • To Download Your Certificate for Live Webinars: For live webinars, you should see your ‘Download Certificate’ button pop-up at a maximum of two hours after you have completed the Program Evaluation, either in your Completed or Active Courses tabs.  If the certificate doesn’t populate after 2 hours after completing the Evaluation, your attendance may have been disrupted during the live broadcast via the internet transmission to our platform, even if you stayed logged in during the entire webinar.  As CEs are issued based on attendance, your attendance may have gotten broken-up due to this and that may be why a certificate did not populate in your account.  Please email regarding your certificate issue, and give a 1-2 business-day turnaround to get your updated certificate(s) as applicable.

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On September 14, 2018 10:00 PM PST through September 15, 2018 7:00 AM PST our e-learning platform will be undergoing scheduled maintenance. During the maintenance window, online courses will be intermittently available. Thank you for your patience!


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