300 Ear Seeds Re-Fill-Mid Tone


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A versatile shade of light brown matches a variety of skin tones ranging from olive to mid-brown. Neutral undertones.
The entire Skintones Collection is Latex-Free!
An EarSeeds Exclusive Product

All-natural 2 mm diameter seeds for ear or body points.

Product includes:
Package of 300 Vaccaria seeds on Mid-Tone tape.
Five sheets of 60 seeds.
Placement Chart with 3-Point Relaxation Protocol.
All-natural, pesticide-free Vaccaria seeds for ear or body points.
This item does not contain tweezers.

Instructions for use:

Make sure you are using the included tweezers to pinch just the corner of your ear seeds and touch as little of the tape as possible. Once the tape touches your ear it cannot be moved and re-secured. It won’t stick well.

Also, be sure your ears are thoroughly cleaned and dry. Many people have a thin wax build up they are unaware of.  Use an alcohol swab to gently clean the entire outer ear and concha. Be sure your ears are completely dry before applying the ear seeds.

Occasionally the seeds may feel “loose” when they are initially placed. Hold in place for a good 10 seconds with the pad of your index finger. This will help use body heat to activate the adhesive well.

Often, the adhesive bond will get stronger after a little bit of time. When pressing seeds onto the ear be sure you’re pushing the whole taped area and not shifting the tape. Ear seeds may fall off sooner in children. They may also fall off sooner on curved ridges and in the inner concha area of the ear.


Be sure to store the seeds in their original packaging and keep out of sunlight as that may break down the adhesive sooner than desired. Note about adhesives: Generally adhesive tapes have an expected lifespan of 1-2 years before the adhesive starts breaking down. The summer months can be especially hard on our delicate ear seeds. When the adhesive melts, it can cause the pellets to detach from the tape and lose its intended stickiness. It is important to keep your ear seeds out of the heat.

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