Automatic Suction Device


In stock


In stock

  • Directly connects to the cup
  • Handgun style
  • Equipped with rubber ring to be compatible with the cups of other brands
  • One touch operation
  • Compatible with Dongbang and Hansol plastic cupping cups
  • Please install the rubber tip when using with Dongbang plastic cupping cups
  • Material: PPS based / Case: ABS / Silicone


Handgun type suction device, adapter

* Hansol BOILABLE Plastic Cupping Cups and Hansol REGULAR Plastic Cupping cups are sold separately.


  • Use the enclosed adaptor (DC 12V 1A) or equivalent.
  • Do not exceed 10 minutes when using continuously.
  • If the motor stops due to overload, turn off the power switch and start over.
  • Use dry cloth or brush to dust.
  • Do not drop or apply shock.
  • Do not exert too much force on the tip when engaging to the cup.
  • Never let any liquid or foreign substance enter the opening.
  • Do not put in water; do not clean with water.
  • If wet, use dry cloth.

To clean plastic cups, wash in hot, soapy water. Plastic cups are not recommended for use in bleeding treatments. If contaminated, clean with Sodium Hydrochloride (available at drug stores as baby bottle disinfectant).

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Dimensions 274 × 194 × 66 mm
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