Electroacupuncture, Practical Manual & Resource


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Edited by David F Mayor.

Forewards by Angela and John Hicks, Zang-Hee Cho.

This book presents an overview of the theoretical foundations of electroacupuncture, together with experimental and clinical biomedical evidence for the efficacy of electroacupuncture in its various forms. It also provides guidance on the effective clinical practice of electroacupuncture, illustrated with informative case histories. It provides the key information a beginning practitioner would need to know, as well as exploring avenues for advanced practitioners.

The accompanying CD-ROM is an ideal research tool, providing searchable chapters from the book as well as an extensive database of more than 8,000 clinical trials that can be accessed via the CD-ROM or through a companion website.

The author has done a remarkable job in presenting complex material in an accessible yet thorough manner. This is not a quick-recipe book, but a text that will yield a full harvest of clinical, technical, and theoretical information when methodically reviewed.

Hardcover, 381 pgs

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