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MAY 2019 - IMPORTANT UPDATE ON KAN HERB PRODUCTS - PLEASE READ: For the past several years, we have been working to comply with the Health Canada Natural Health Product regulations, but the TCM formulas sold by Eastern Currents are professionally dispensed products and do not fall within the scope of these regulations that are intended for over-the-counter products. As such, this grey area has resulted in a regulatory burden that makes the continuation of the sale of some product lines in Canada not feasible for both the manufacturer and us as the importer. We regret that the Kan Herb lines (Kan Traditionals, Kan Herbals, Kan Essentials, and MycoHerbs) will no longer be imported by Eastern Currents, so we will be phasing out the product lines as we sell out. We understand that this is a challenge for practitioners who have come to depend on some of these products, and we apologize for any inconvenience. Please refer to the Golden Flower and KP lines for alternate formulas. Our customer service agents will be happy to help you should you require assistance. 
Should you like to address your concerns about the status of professionally dispensed products directly with Health Canada, you can submit your comments to ingredient_support@hc-sc.gc.ca

Traditional Chinese Medicine embodies centuries of trial and refinement that have produced an ensemble of classic healing herbal formulas. Kan Herbals are a modern version of many of these enduring formulations. The Kan Herbal product line is developed by Ted Kaptchuk, one of North America’s most recognized TCM practitioners. Dr. Kaptchuk is the author of the famous book The Web That Has No Weaver and has written over a hundred scientific and medical articles. It is with his guidance that these formulas have been modernized.


The ideal treatment method in Chinese herbology is to combine herbs that balance and match the unique energy configuration each patient encompasses. Master practitioners, as well as beginners, frequently rely on patent formulas that effectively treat the most common clinical problems. Most of the formulas in the Kan Herbals line are derived from these popular prescriptions.

The choice of extract or tablet form allows the practitioner to cater to patients’ individual preferences and helps ensure maximum compliance. Liquid extracts provide fast absorption, while the tablets are an excellent choice for patients who do not enjoy the distinct flavor of the extracts.

Support materials:

Kan Herbals Pocket Formula Guide (Free):  Details ingredients, action of formula, indications and contraindications, and a cross reference by Traditional Chinese formula Pinyin name as well as by TCM pattern.

Kan Herbals Formula Guide for Practitioners (available for sale at $14.95): This spiral-bound handbook is completely revised and updated. It contains full monographs for each formula – 25 in total. Product dosage, quality and safety information are included, as is a Formula Index by Symptom and Index by Pattern, as well as a quick guide of formula indications.

Newsletters (see practitioners resources): Periodic newsletters with articles written on patterns of disharmonies, herbal formulas and general theory.

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Please note: Herbal products are only available to qualified practitioners with TCM herbal training. A full listing of Kan Herbal products is available to qualified practitioners after log in.

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