Real Mushrooms

100% Pure + Organic Mushroom Extracts

A completely pure and organic extract with scientific verification of the beneficial compounds in mushrooms.


We are happy to offer our clients the Real Mushrooms line of products, a reliable source of 100% organic mushroom products that practitioners and patients can enjoy. Mushrooms have long been touted for their myriad of health benefits, and the use of medicinal mushroom dates back thousands of years. These include:


  • Immune support*
  • Full of antioxidants*
  • Anti-inflammatory*
  • Helps to manage blood sugar*
  • Support brain health and cognition*
  • Support the nervous system*
  • Increase energy and stamina*

Now, in recent times with functional medicine and nutrition going mainstream, we are seeing a resurgence of interest in these marvelous superfoods.

Unfortunately, the marketplace currently is dominated by products that reportedly after testing, did not contain any mushrooms. These products are produced from mycelium (the root system of the mushroom) being grown on grain. Commonly marketed as “mushroom” yet they contain no mushrooms at all. On top of that, the grain is not separated from the mycelium so these products are primarily the grain that the mycelium is growing on. Click here for more info…

Many health practitioners and consumers are being misled into believing they are consuming mushrooms when in fact the products are nothing more than mycelium cultured grain. Very few of the important medicinal compounds found in medicinal mushrooms are contained in these products since the bulk of the product is grain.

The Real Mushroom product line comes from the fruiting body and deliver a high-potency dosage of medicinal beta-glucans per serving. Each package lists the beta-glucans content on the label to show and guarantee that they are present.

Eastern Currents is confident that with the Real Mushrooms product line practitioners will get the best possible medicinal mushrooms extracts in their purest form, without any carriers or grain fillers. Practitioners can rest assured that Real Mushrooms strives to make sure their products are analyzed for the important medicinal compounds and are consistent with the existing body of medicinal mushroom research.

The products come in both a extract powder in 60 g pouch bags for mixing into drinks and recipes or in capsule form for ease of use.

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*Disclaimer: The statements made on this page are based on traditional use and modern research. They have however, not been validated conclusively by Health Authorities. Any of the Real Mushroom products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information presented on this page is intended for educational purposes. If you are a retail consumer, please consult your doctor or health practitioner for any medical advice. 

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