Korean Sticky Mini Moxa


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Mini-moxa with sticky side, which adheres to the acu-point and will hold in any desired position for indirect moxibustion. The warming moxa heat builds slowly to a momentary acute yet tolerable state, and then recedes gradually. However if heat remains and intolerable, remove the moxa immediately to avoid skin burn. The fire never touches the skin.

Caution – the amount of moxa on this product is considerably more than other products. These stick on moxa pieces deliver intense heat and require additional shielding or continuous monitoring.

The long moxa cylinder allows gradual penetration of the effective moxa ingredients into pores of the vital points.


Diameter of single piece: 7mm
Length of single piece: 8 mm

Box of 200 pcs/box

Made in Korea.

For key points and cautions about moxibustion please click here.

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Weight 0.1000 kg
Dimensions 110 × 110 × 40 mm

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