LIVE EVENT - Jingjin Movement Training: Eight Pieces of Brocade

October 7, 2023 - 10am PDT, 1pm EDT

Eight Pieces of Brocade is a Qigong form containing eight individual movements, each working with a specific organ network. This class will focus on the biomechanics of each movement and how activation of the channel sinews influences organ movement.

Brian Lau
Brian Lau

Course Overview

This is a Live Webinar event that will be held on October 7, 2023 - 10am PDT, 1pm EDT.


This 4-hour class will cover the foundations of Medical Qigong. Eight Pieces of Brocade will be used to apply these foundational principles. Eight Pieces of Brocade (8POB) is a form of medical qigong in that it is widely practiced for health. Each movement is relatively easy to learn which will allow plenty of time to focus on the principles in each move.


Functional anatomy will be discussed for clarity on when to prescribe certain movements and how to modify them for patients with injuries.


In addition to the material in class, students will have access to a comprehensive library of reference videos.


Students new to Qigong and functional movement systems should start with this class. In this class, you will learn:


(1) Basic spinal wave to increase spinal mobility, mobilize each spinal segment, increase circulation at each back shu and huatuojiaji point, and enhance the movements in each of the 8 movements in 8POB.

(2) Scapular mobilization and stabilization and its relationship to expansion of the ribcage and to shoulder and neck health.

(3) Core activation and training and its relationship to stability and mobility of the spine.

(4) Mobility of the zangfu.

(5) A model of movement based on the channel sinews (jingjin), how related channel sinews guide functional movement patterns, and how these channels influence movement of the organs.


The recordings will be made available for you to review after the event!


  • Students will be able to perform the eight movements in the Eight Pieces of Brocade sequence and will learn simple supplemental exercises.

  • Students will understand how the spinal and pelvic movements enhance each movement in Eight Pieces of Brocade by linking with the movements of the chest and arms.

  • Students will be introduced to functional anatomy of the shoulder girdle and will be able to explain how the movements of the shoulder girdle affect the chest and thoracic spine.

  • Students will be able to describe the overall goals of each move, the channel sinews involved, functional movement principles, and the way the movements enhance circulation in the organs.

  • Students will be able to take information from this class and teach these exercises to patients to supplement their acupuncture treatments.


  • October 7, 2023 - 10am PDT, 1pm EDT (4 hrs)

    Introduction to the movement of the spine, pelvic, and shoulder girdle.

    Introduction of each movement including goals and channel sinews engaged.

    Practice of the Eight Pieces of Brocade and discussion of working with patient.


Brian Lau

Brian Lau, AP, CSMA, is certified in both Sports Medicine Acupuncture and Structural Integration. He has been on faculty since 2013 with the Sports Medicine Acupuncture Certification (SMAC) program, where he teaches anatomy and physiology, assessment and treatment of the channel sinews (jingjin), and myofascial release.


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  • CEUs:

    Approved By: Standard Certificate (4)

    Pending: California, Florida, NCCAOM

  • Language: English

  • Course Type: Live Webinar

  • Course Length: 4 h

  • Course Notes: Notes may or may not be provided with this event.

  • Access Period: Lifetime Access to Recordings


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