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Olie New Beginnings Probiotic for Human- 1L (NPN80072643)


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Olie™ Naturals New Beginnings™ is a certified organic European, fermented, herbal, probiotic drink that links old traditions, innovative technologies and global leaders in the art and science of probiotics.

New Beginnings™ contains a blend of 7 carefully selected active bacterial cultures and 19 herbs. A unique, gentle, fermentation process yields this dynamic and complex mixture designed to remain viable and functional as it travels throughout the gastrointestinal tract.

New Beginnings,™ inspired by Nature’s Intelligence provides friendly bacteria that play an important role in basic digestion, proper metabolism, immune support and overall well-being for your lifetime.

Non-GMO | No Sugar | No Dairy | No Gluten | No Preservatives

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Why are probiotics so important? Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms (good bacteria) that in adequate amounts provide multiple health benefits to both the digestive and immune systems. Our ancestors obtained these beneficial bacteria from living closer to nature and from their diets. Today’s modern day living, diet and medications may compromise these microorganisms, affecting their essential work in establishing whole body health. New Beginnings™ natural fermentation process creates a living system that offers modern families a unique, natural food approach to the beneficial world of probiotics.

When is New Beginnings™ best taken? New Beginnings™ can be consumed at any time of the day. Some individuals prefer it on an empty stomach, while others prefer it during meals. For some, small amounts are sufficient, while others benefit from taking it several times a day.

What herbs are used in New Beginnings™? New Beginnings™ contains extracts from angelica, anise, basil, chervil, dill, elder, fennel, fenugreek, ginger, juniper, large nettle, licorice root, oregano, parsley, peppermint, roman chamomile, rosemary, sage, and thyme.

What is fermentation? Fermentation is a process where bacteria preserve foods by converting one substance to another. The fermentation process in New Beginnings™ can continue for a short while after bottling, which results in pressure being released when opened. This is normal.


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