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Introducing NEW Pranin Organic PureFood Supplements

All Pranin Organic products are 100% ORGANIC, NON-GMO, RAW, VEGAN and GLUTEN-FREE!

Pranin Organic PureFood™ products are 100% organic, non-GMO nutritional supplements made entirely from food. They do not contain any synthetic nutrients, binders, fillers, or common allergens such as dairy, corn, yeast, soy, and gluten, making them easily digested and absorbed by the body.

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Pranin's natural healthcare products ensure that holistic health professionals achieve the desired clinical results – healthier, happier patients. Created specifically by a practitioner for practitioners, Pranin's products have all the things you want for your patients, and none of the things you don't.

Here are some of the reasons clinicians love Pranin's nutritional and therapeutic products:

  • PureFoodTM products are organic, whole food nutrients that contain their natural biofactors and enzymes.
  • Prepared in powder form, they do not contain any of the additives that impede digestion and absorption, such as inorganic minerals, binders, fillers and coatings.

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Master Your Metabolism! Solutions for Patients & Practitioners

Speaker: Dr. David Wang, ND
Duration: 1 hour 18 minutes


This free webinar will empower you to help patients improve and master their metabolism. Presented by Dr. David Wang, founder of Pranin Organic Products and a Naturopathic Doctor who has over 25 years of clinical experience helping patients with chronic health issues.

This webinar teaches you the unexpected ways a patient’s metabolism influences their overall health, it will also give ways to help patients:

  • Sustain their energy throughout the day
  • Improve Sleep quality and awakening with ease
  • Manage their weight
  • Improve Fertility outcomes

Dr. Wang will present a holistic metabolism management program to equip you with the skills to help your patients (and even yourself) look and feel vibrant at any stage of life. 

Stress and Chronic Inflammation and the Benefits of Whole Food Supplements

Speaker: Dr. David Wang, ND
Duration: 1 hour 37 minutes
CEUs/PDAs: None

In this free webinar, Dr. David Wang, founder of Pranin Organic Products, discusses the benefits of pure plant food supplements and how they can benefit your patients.

Dr. Wang has spent 25 years dealing with stress and chronic diseases in his practice. Find out about the connection between adrenal depletion, low cortisol, hormonal imbalance, circadian dysrhythmia, blood sugar dysregulation and the link to chronic diseases. Discover why many supplements and some adaptogens do not benefit patients suffering from hypoadrenia. Find out how Dr. Wang has an 80% success rate in 30 days treating hypoadrenia, hypothyroidism, dysmetabolism, chronic inflammation, anxiety, depression and chronic infections. 

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