Power of the Five Elements


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By Charles A Moss, MD.

The Chinese Medicine Path to Healthy Aging and Stress Resistance

Based on his thirty years of using acupuncture in an integrative medical practice, Power of the Five Elements presents the Five Adaptation Types, Dr. Charles Moss’s modern application of the Five Element of Chinese Medicine.

This book provides you with:

  • A roadmap to understanding why you react to stress the way you do and a comprehensive new approach to improving your ability to adapt
  • A fascinating synthesis, presented for the first time, of the ancient wisdom of Taoist Chinese Medicine and current mind-body research
  • Case histories and questionnaires to identify your Adaptation Type and specific, individualized recommendations – behavioural changes, exercises, meditations – to improve adaptation, reduce stress, and enhance healthy aging
  • A clear understanding of the importance of lowering abnormal levels of cortisol, the main stress hormone associated with heart disease, diabetes, and cancer

If you are ready to increase your energy levels, improve your mood, and reduce your risk for serious illness, get started today and discover your Adaptation Type through Power of the Five Elements.

Softcover, 298 pgs

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