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PREMIO 30 LASER DUO is an effective, painless, ergonomic laser. It provides infrared LASER stimulation of acupuncture points, including those on the face and sensitive areas, auricular points and trigger points, by local or remote treatment.


  • 4 Treatment modes (Tonification, Dispersion, Harmonisation, Scanning)
  • Two tailored powers: adaptable for superficial points (15W) or deeper points (40W)
  • 10 hours working time – rechargeable battery

Impulse time: Very short – approximately 100ns


  • The 905nm infrared emission crosses the skin barrier to reach the deepest cells and penetrates in complete safety without being absorbed by water, haemoglobin and the melanin of the skin.

Peak value:

  • The laser beam is emitted as short impulses of high peak power. This method of emission gives the laser beam the necessary power to enter tissues entirely safely without any thermodestructive effect, carrying the useful information to the point.

Acupuncture – 3 Stimulation Modes:

  • Tonification (100 – 10,000Hz): Controlled, rapid tonification of acupuncture points. Acceleration of impulse emission rates which has a revitalizing effect.
  • Dispersion (10,000 to 100Hz): In a few seconds, you can disperse the Qi and abolish energy stasis. Dispersion is obtained by slowing the impluse emissions rate.
  • Harmonisation: This treatment rebalances the point and the circulation in the meridian by alternating impulse rates.


  • 1 Mode specially designed for Auriculomedicine – Frequency Stimulation: This mode guarantees stimulation of pathological points in Auriculotherapy (pain, physiological or functional disorders and addictions etc.). It provides successive emission by scanning all of the Nogier frequencies (frequencies A to G).

New Development – Wobulation of Frequencies to Revitalize the Qi

Revitalising the Qi: Traditionally, depending on the points to be reached using very accurate needle rotation procedures, by inserting it deep into tissues or withdrawing it, you can restore the Qi circulation. You also achieve similar results using electrical or laser stimulation of the acupuncture point at a specific frequency which influences the reaction, although we know that if this frequency remains fixed for too long a time the body no longer responds and becomes indifferent to stimulation.

SEDATELEC has developed a specific approach to physiological impulses no longer based on repetitive frequencies, but on dynamics. Acceleration or deceleration as variation in the signal is considered to form the basis of the information decoded by the body. What is important for a living being is dynamics, change and variation: this is the principle of frequency of wobulation, which is specific to the Premio 30 Laser Duo.

Inlcuded with this product:
• An emission control tester
• A pair of protective goggles
• A rapid charger

Removable LASER key required for operation.

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This device is guaranteed for 2 years parts and labour against any manufacturing defect except for parts subject to wear (cables, probes, batteries etc.), for use in accordance with the user guide. This guarantee does not cover in particular damage due to dropping or crushing, emersion in or spillage of liquids or leakage of batteries into the boxes. Small parts are guaranteed for 1 year.

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