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Richelli's Kit tools

Richelli's Painreliever

It is the multifunctional tool par excellence. It allows the application of any type of manual therapy technique in combination with the hands.

You will be able to exert more pressure on the points without damaging your joints.

It is the solution for physiotherapists who want to take care of their hands and joints, being able to exert more pressure with less effort.

Richelli's Spinemover

Richelli's Spinemover serves to mobilize the spine.

Its specific shape allows the therapist to precisely mobilize the spine to relieve nerve compression and abnormal position or mobility of the vertebrae.

Richelli's 3D Thumb

Richelli's 3dThumb is the tool for the physical therapist who occasionally uses a support tool to perform deep pressure, friction and small area massage. It is ideal for the treatment of tendinopathies and trigger points.

Richelli's Dino

Richelli's Dino is used for specific friction of muscles, ligaments and tendons. With the Dino it is easier to treat while protecting our hands.

Ideal for areas of difficult access, trigger points, Cyriax massage and elasticizing fibrosis.

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