TeWa Speedpaks Coated 2015 (Gauge 3) (36 – 0.6")


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The new TeWa Speedpak offers you high-quality TeWa needles in the familiar 5-needles-per-tube cluster packaging.  Now you can enjoy quick and easy access to your TeWa needles and produce less waste.  With 1,000 needles per box, the Speedpak is a great solution for busy clinics.

Extra tubes are available for just 50 cents! We offer 50 empty tubes (five 10-packs) so that you don’t have to fuss with emptying the tube that is holding the needles in order to use it for insertion. Add the extra tubes when you need them when placing your order for Speedpaks!

TeWa needles feature:

  • Copper wire-wound loop handles
  • Super-sharp machine-sharpened tips
  • Coated TeWa needles have a micro-layer of bio-inert FDA-approved silicone which reduces friction on insertion, enabling practitioners to reach target depth AND minimize patient discomfort.

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