The Most Important Chinese Herbal Formulas – Course 4

Jake Fratkin describes the herbal formulas used for the treatment of Lung Yin Deficiency, Lung Fire, and Lung Phlegm-Heat.


Class 4: Lung

This is Session 4 of 22 classes that are arranged by subject. This class is 2 hours long (with 30 minutes to complete the program worksheet for NCCAOM PDA applicants). For each class, the student will learn about the disease category, its TCM differentiations, and clinical points in choosing and applying the herbal formulas.

Session 4 will cover 10 formulas and explore the topics of Lung Yin Deficiency (Dry Non-Productive Cough), Lung Fire, and Lung Phlegm-Heat (Acute Productive Cough).

A downloadable MP3 audio file, as well as handouts, quiz, evaluation (and program worksheet for those requiring NCCAOM PDAs) will be provided.

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