ThermoFlow Tank Top/Camisole, White, Small


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In stock

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ThermoFlow Tank Tops are great for arthritis, rheumatism, muscle pain, sport injuries, lower back pain, chronic pain in upper body area and circulatory problems.

About ThermoFlow®:

ThermoFlow products are made with a unique special fabric that has thread composed of 5% ceramic minerals.  These minerals have been specifically selected as they uniquely reflect Far Infra Red energy. The resulting 5% ceramic weave creates a reflective field that retains the far infrared energy produced by the body and re-introduces it back into the compromised area.

The Far Infrared energy reflected by the ThermoFlow products have been shown to penetrate through layers of skin, deep into tissues. This stimulates micro-vibrations which initiate a thermal reaction to elevate tissue temperature. The body responds by dilating micro-vessels and major blood vessels.

These functional fabrics accelerate your treatments and provide relief for patients between visits.

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Dimensions 196 × 134 × 25 mm
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