Heskiers Myofascial Tool

The Heskiers Tool offers a solution for a debilitating and potential cause for loss of income for health professionals using their hands.

This exciting new tool, designed and made in Denmark, features three ergonomically designed projections - while one projection is being used, the remaining two fit snugly into the hand. The energy from the large surface of the palm is focused at the distal end of the projection being used  - this translates minimal energy into a deep and penetrating effect on target tissues. Minimal effort = maximum output. 


The tool is ingeniously contoured to provide the user with different surfaces that may be used to massage large surface areas, or provide a dynamic soft tissue release similar to the TCM technique of Gua Sha.   

Made of the same high-quality polyamide material used for exterior and interior prostheses, its silky nature allows it to be used on the skin without the need for lubricants.

Healthcare practitioners performing manual therapy find, at some point in their practice, that the day-in and day-out use of their hands for locating and releasing painful tissues results in their own hand pain, joint pain and, in many cases, joint deterioration. Sustained pressure on the fingertips can lead to compression of the nerves and blood vessels, which can lead to reduced circulation and loss of sensitivity. Over time, this can lead to permanent reduction in sensitivity. Likewise, for every pound of pressure exerted by the thumb, 10 pounds of pressure is placed on the carpometacarpal joint. All this increases the likelihood of damage to the median nerve.

A recent survey of experienced massage therapists and body workers revealed that up to 77% reported some type of musculoskeletal symptoms. The most common locations of the symptoms were thumbs (30%), wrists (27%), shoulders (26%), and low back (26%).   Joint pain, joint degeneration and loss of nerve sensitivity is a serious and inevitable problem.

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Available in orange, white, or black.

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Heskiers Myofascial Tool - Orange

Heskiers Myofascial Tool - Orange

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List Price: CAD$79.95
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Heskiers Myofascial Tool - Black

Heskiers Myofascial Tool - Black

Availability:Back Ordered
List Price: CAD$79.95
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