Tuina for Cervical Spondylitis DVD (PMPH)


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Tui Na is the primary treatment used in Chinese medicine for cervical spondylosis and a variety of other neck disorders.

As a generally safe and effective treatment, Tui Na is extremely popular in China but remains largely undeveloped in the West.

This thorough, informative DVD aims to bring the benefits of these sophisticated methods to the Western clinic through clear illustrations of a variety of advanced techniques.

It features:

  • A thorough investigation into the causes, clinical manifestations and classifications of cervical spondylosis.
  • A variety of basic and advanced techniques are presented, including rolling, pressing, grasping, passive motion, as well as several other methods that will be new to many viewers.
  • Extensive, systematic protocols are detailed, allowing viewers to maximize their clinical options.
  • Detailed cautions and suggestions are outlined to ensure the safe application of these valuable techniques.


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