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By Dr Armin Koch.

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The classical methods of Zi Wu Liu Zhu Zhen Fa and Ling Gui Ba Fa represent a combination of the cyclic and energetic aspects of time and acupuncture. Through clearly defined rules, we are able to coordinate these energetic cycles with the proper time in order to fully optimize the effectiveness of acupuncture treatment.

The newly developed Wheel of Time Acupuncture now makes it possible to establish the sundial time at any time between 1910 and 2030 at any place on the earth. The “open” acupuncture points in accordance with “The Midnight-Noon Ebb-Flow Acupuncture Method – Zi Wu Liu Zhu Zhen Fa” – and the “Eight Methods of the Magic Turtle – Ling Gui Ba Fa”  – are visible at-a-glance.

Using the back side of the Wheel of Time Acupuncture allows you to determine the energy constellation of time (“The Four Pillars of Destiny”) for any time between 1910 and 2030. Determining this energy constellation as it relates to time, for example, one’s date and time of birth makes available additional diagnostic as well as therapeutic possibilities.

With the Wheel of Time Acupuncture, you have a tool at hand that will enhance your effectiveness with acupuncture by incorporating the dimension of time into your practice. This will not only optimize your treatment, but also often leads to the use of less needles with astounding results. You will begin to treat your patients in the manner of the old “masters”.

Set includes:

  • Wheel of Time Acupuncture
  • Instruction Manual for the Wheel of Time Acupuncture
  • CD-ROM with additional useful background information:
    • Time Acupuncture: Theoretical basis and concepts
    • Table of contents
    • Index
    • Zeitakupunktur: Theoretische Grundlagen und Konzepte
    • Inhaltsverzeichnis
    • Instruction manual in German
    • Instruction manual in English
  • Background information is accessible as a free download from the author’s website.
    -Theoretical Basis and Concepts: A 150-page manuscript in English as well as in German
    -Manual / Handbuch in English as well as in German

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Click here to watch a 41-minute in-depth preview of the series Time Based Acupuncture – Harnessing the Power of the Universe. Learn what is covered in this 10 hour recorded course, and get an overview of how to use the Wheel of Acupuncture tool.

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