Yang Style Tai Ji Quan: A Beginner's Guide (PMPH)


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By Hu Zhen, Xu Shi-zu, Hon K Lee & Li Wan-ling.

This book teaches what is still the most commonly known tai ji quan style in the world – the Yang family tai ji quan, with a focus on the 40 Movements Routine. A distinguishing feature of the modern Yang style tai ji quan is that because of its simple, gentle movements, it can be learned and practiced by people of virtually all ages and body constitutions. As a means of health cultivation, tai ji quan enhances coordination, strength and flexibility, and harmonizes both the body and mind, which is why it is known to promote mental and physical well-being as well as prevent disease.

With step-by-step instructions and ample photographs of each posture, this book is the perfect companion for the beginner. An accompanying DVD is also included, allowing students to review each movement separately or practice the entire form by following along.

Softcover, 97 pgs – DVD Included!

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