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We are committed to providing acupuncture, TCM and natural healthcare practitioners with continuing education that provides the tools for success, for both in their treatments and in their practice.

Upcoming In-Person Seminars

Classical 5 Element Acupuncture: Continuing the Journey Professor Neil R. Gumenick 2016 Vancouver, BC (TBC)

New Recorded Courses

Sex and Love - Erotic Healing Practices from the Heart of TCM Felice Dunas
Love, Romance and Healing: A Chinese Medicine Perspective Felice Dunas
Sex and Healing: A Chinese Medicine Perspective Felice Dunas
Master Tung's Magic Points Advanced Series -
The Ancient Art of Bleeding
Susan Johnson
Master Tung's Magic Points Advanced Series -
The Ancient Art of Cupping
Susan Johnson
Treating Pain and Trauma with Chinese Herbal Medicine
Jake Fratkin
Fascia: The Rosetta Stone Linking East to West
Daniel Keown
Will the Real Channels & Organs Please Stand Up: How Biomedicine Pulls them into Focus
Daniel Keown
Decoding the Errors in TCM to Reveal the True Power of CCM Suzanne Robidoux
Scalp Acupuncture for Neurological & Psychosomatic Disorders Suzanne Robidoux
Kidney 1: The Hidden Secrets of the Lowest Point on the Body Yair Maimon
100 Diseases from Wind, Du 16, Back Pain and Shoulder Pain Kiiko Matsumoto
Chinese Face Reading in Business Lillian Bridges
Treating Infertility and Threatened Miscarriage with Chinese Herbal Medicine Jake Fratkin
A Shoneshin Protocol for Infants and Toddlers Jake Fratkin
Treating Acute Respiratory Conditions in Children & Adults with Chinese Herbal Formulas Jake Fratkin
Adjunct Cancer Therapy & the Five Zones Acupuncture and Six Actions Herb Prescribing Methods Subhuti Dharmananda
Clinical Record Keeping for TCM Professionals Kim Graham
3 Strategies to Attract, Retain and Reactivate Patients & Build a Strong Practice (3-Part Recorded Series) Jeffrey Grossman
Supporting the Chemotherapy Patient Neil McKinney
Detecting Channel Qi Aberrations - Level 2 Janice Walton-Hadlock
Master Tung's Magic Points Series Susan Johnson

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