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Eastern Currents was born of a passion for healthcare, Traditional East Asian Medicine and Natural Medicine.

Eastern Currents is Co-owned by John Stan and Kelly Kitchen, we both are passionate about health and Natural Medicine.

Here is a short summary of our history.

John graduated from Canadian College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1988.  At that time he found a tremendous amount of variation in the quality of acupuncture and herbal supplies on the market. As a new practitioner enthused about Natural Medicine, he wanted access to quality acupuncture needles and herbal medicines.  In addition, after graduation he felt the need for access to continuing education courses to keep current with changes in the industry.

He realized that if our profession was going to flourish in Canada, a company dedicated to the best interests of the profession was required.

In 1992, John founded Eastern Currents as an import and Distribution Company, with the goal of providing top-quality products, excellent service, and cutting-edge post-graduate clinical training.

In 2009, Kelly left her career in First Nations Education program administration to join the ECL team. With her input and management experience, she helped to expand the company into a thriving National supplier of acupuncture needles, herbal medicines and clinic supplies.

In 2019, John and Kelly introduced the world’s first eco-friendly acupuncture needle brand called Acufast. To achieve this goal, Kelly and John had to transition the company from being an importer and distributor type of business to also being a certified ISO 13485 2016 MDSAP medical device manufacturer specializing in the manufacturing of acupuncture needles. (For more about the history of our growth and contribution to the health industry click here.)  (this goes to the other link on our webpage

Together with the help of our dedicated staff, we are committed to provide practitioners with quality products, superb customer experience and new innovations in the health field.

Feel free to provide us with your input into products and services that you would like to see us offer. If your ideas resonate with our company goals and standards, we will do our best to expand based on your suggestions. Of course, growing is something we will internally try to do also. Together with inputs from you our customer and our own industry connections we trust that Eastern Currents Ltd will continue to grow and support the growing natural health industry.

Yours in health,

John Stan, DrTCM and Kelly Kitchen, BEd, BPE, MA, RHN

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