A Qi beauty facial is uniquely individual with every client, requiring a personal 'matrix' to connect facial lines to meridians. Qi beauty draws from TCM through the activation of Qi to transport volume upwards making sub-dermal nutrients increasing availability to the skin. This specific stimulation during the facial is the secret to shifting cellular memory and creating a receptive facial landscape for lasting skin regeneration. Qi beauty™ uses gold-plated magnetic stimulators - and absolutely no needles!

Please note: we ship Qi Beauty products within Canada only.

Through the use of magnetic spheres to direct Qi into facial lines to add volume and lift, Qi beauty amplifies the ancient techniques of chaining (creating stimulation within scars, lines, and folds to add volume) and bridging (creating an energetic connection between areas of Qi deficiency to lift) to link acupuncture meridians.

Qi beauty treatments are designed to influence the arrangements of lipids in sub dermal layers to pull collagen and eastin upwards for lasting benefits and a sustainable anti-aging effect. Volume is restored, lines are reduced and elasticity is improved within the first six weeks and continued use has the anti-aging benefits for as long as you maintain Qi.

Qi beauty International is an Australian company that spent nine years in clinical trials to develop non-invasive, anti-aging treatments based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) philosophy.

Qi beauty Practitioner Directory - Canada

Beauty, and on-going beauty, is an expression of a healthy system, adapting gracefully with time. With 82 million baby boomers in their 50s and 60s, the potential client base for health and wellness is huge.

This demographic are actively looks for safe and effective ways to maintain their vitality and youthfulness, spending almost $2 trillion on goods and services each year!

You now have an exciting new way to tap into this growth potential for your clinic.

Practitioners who take a Qi beauty course will be trained in these very specific, non-needling protocols, and will have exclusive access to select Qi beauty products.

This business opportunity includes:

  • The opportunity to learn the Qi beauty treatment protocols and become a trained Qi beauty™ practitioner
  • The opportunity to be an authorized re-seller of Qi beauty products
  • A franchise-like opportunity without the franchise fees. An opportunity to have full marketing support from gift vouchers to a listing on the Qi beauty Canada website.
  • The ability to tap into the large Baby Boomer market - a market that seeks wellness and healthy aging
  • The ability to re-focus your clinic so that you can offer a full range of services that support and feed each other

Qi beauty Certification Training is now available year-round!
Learn one-on-one or in small groups from Certified Trainers

We're pleased to announce two Certified Master Qi beauty Trainers in Canada - making learning this incredible modality and incorporating it into your clinic easier than ever!

The Qi beauty Trainers are Master Qi beauty Practitioners who have trained with founder Kathy Pedersen to take over the role of Qi beauty Training here in Canada providing certification to qualified professionals.

With marketing tools and ongoing support provided to trained practitioners by Qi beauty Australia, taking a course will leave you ready to incorporate Qi beauty into your clinic immediately.

Qi beauty Practitioner training is an intensive, hands-on course. The techniques of Qi beauty - including Static Magnetic Stimulation Techniques, Matrix adaptation and skin recovery protocols - are based on the evidence gathered over many years of clinical trials performed by Kathy Pedersen with supplementary case studies conducted by other qualified Qi beauty Practitioners in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

If you're interested in adding Qi beauty to your clinic or spa, contact one of the Certified Trainers below for more details, and to register today!


Qi beauty Certified Master Trainer Lisa Dallin, N.D., Dipl. AC
Healthy Ageless Living

Lisa brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role as a Qi beauty™ Facial Technology teacher here in Canada. She has over 25 years of experience teaching how to regain health and well-being through her career as a Naturopathic Physician, Acupuncturist, Pilates Instructor, and Public Speaker.

Sharing this regenerative, pro-recovery, facial regenerative technique with practitioners and ensuring they are confident in the method and how to integrate this technology into their practice to provide excellent quality facial treatments is her passion.

Training is offered year-round all through Canada as group training, also practitioners have the option of one-to-one training by traveling to Lisa.

To learn more about Qi beauty™, Qi beauty™ Practitioner Certification Training, or to see the regenerative results a Qi beauty™ Facial offers please:

Visit her website: www.lisadallin.com

Contact directly:
Email: Lisa Dallin - Licensed Qi beauty™ Practitioner Trainer (Canada)
Text: 250 886-3676
Click here for scheduled trainings.


Qi beauty Certified Master Trainer Prenaka Ram

Massage Therapist, Spa Owner

Prenaka is the owner of Namaste Day Spa and an experienced teacher and mentor. Prenaka joined Qi beauty as a practitioner in 2015 when she and her husband Jai travelled to Australia to learn the art of Qi beauty with Qi beauty Founder Kathy Pedersen. Prenaka studied with Kathy for a week of intensive training at the Qi beauty Training Clinic on the Gold Coast before returning to Edmonton to introduce Qi beauty to her Day Spa, Namaste. Prenaka is trained in a range of modalities of massage as well as aesthetics. She is very kind, personable and instills confidence in her students through her ever-present encouragement and contagious enthusiasm. Prenaka's experience, knowledge of skin and her attention to detail makes her an excellent teacher. Prenaka incorporates relaxing facial techniques into her Qi beauty trainings to give future clients a blissful and unforgettable treatment.

Training available with Prenaka Ram:

Courses with Prenaka Ram are available in the following cities upon request:

Eastern Canada: Montreal & Quebec City, QC; Ottawa, Toronto & Kitchener, ON and surrounding areas
Central Canada: Winnipeg, MB, Saskatchewan, SK
Western Canada: Calgary & Edmonton, AB; Victoria, Nanaimo, Prince George, & Vancouver, BC

For more information, email Prenaka directly at atouchofkarma@hotmail.com or text 780-236-4814

What Practitioners have said about Qi beauty™ Training

"A few tiny pictures on John Stan's cell phone led me to completely re-think everything I know about facial acupuncture and skin care. His photos were of the first ever Qi beautyTM training in Canada. Remarkable before and after shots - you could see lines reduced, skin firming up, and actually glowing. When John said the treatment only took an hour, I was in.

I took the 2nd Qi beauty™ practitioner training by Eastern Currents, thinking I was going to learn a really cool new skin treatment technique. The course outline photos showed a relaxed patient with a matrix of tiny golden magnetized beads laid over her face, like some exotic jewellery...much more attractive than 100 needles in your face during an acupuncture treatment.

Kathy Pedersen started her morning lecture about static magnetic fields and their effects on skin, blood vessels, and nerves, and I found myself perched on the edge of my chair, fascinated and intensely curious. Therapeutic? Was I hearing this right?

Qi beauty™ is a very simple technique to grasp if you have a good understanding of facial acupoints and the jing jin channels of the face - making acupuncturists ideal Qi beautyTM practitioners. The training course is hands-on, and straightforward, and the follow-up is outstanding.

My clinical outcomes with Qi beauty have exceeded my wildest expectations. After giving hundreds of cosmetic acupuncture facials, I can no longer think of a valid reason to ever pierce a face again. Qi beautyTM is excellent, check it out for yourself"

-Beverly Osachoff, R.TCMP, Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada

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