Premio 30 EVO Laser Duo


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Soft Laser that provides painless infrared stimulation of acupuncture points, including those on the face and sensitive areas, auricular points and trigger points.

IR 905 nm 15 and 100 W pulsed Biostimulation Laser.

4 directly accessed stimulation programs
Battery as easily recharged as a mobile phone
Independent operation for around 6 hours of continuous operation
Removable safety Laser key

Wavelength 905nm: is absorbed less by skin, water and hemoglobin and is therefore more efficient in acting at the heart of the cell.
2 Tailored powers:
15 W: Weak for superficial points (face, ears, hands …)
100 W: Powerful for deep points (other points in the body)
Very short impulse time: <100 ns
3 stimulation modes in Acupuncture using frequency wobulation
Tonification (100 to 10 000 Hz)
Sedation (10 000 à 100 Hz)
Harmonization: alternating tonification and sedation
1 Mode specially designed for Auriculo : by scanning all of the Nogier frequencies** (Frequencies A to G).

To keep your device close at hand, an optional stand is available.

Please carefully read the user manual before use.

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Weight 1.5000 kg
Dimensions 360 × 330 × 75 mm

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