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Transparent 3D Mask Holder

This transparent and flexible frame does a wonderful job of tenting the PPE mask over your nose and mouth. By doing so it creates a stable breathing space that reduces the mask rub and irritation on the lips and nostrils. A wonderful accessory that makes the prolonged wearing of a mask in the clinic more comfortable.

Soft, skin friendly, prevents glasses from fogging.

How to use:
1. Have a PPE mask ready to use.
2. Unpack the 3D mask holder and put it on your nose and mouth
3. Place the PPE mask over the mask holder frame and loop over ears.
4. Adjust the nose wire of your PPE mask  to the contour of the bridge of your nose tor form a tight connection.
5. Enjoy comfortable breathing and mask wearing throughout the day. Plus! If you wear glasses, the mask holder reduces foggy glasses significantly.
Material: Food grade PE

Size: 10cm x 9cm x 4cm

Also Recommended:
GS122: Mask Loop Extender-White , Pack of 10 this additional accessory helps to keep the ear loops off the ear lobe reducing building skin irritation as mask is worn throughout the day.


“This product helped to keep the mask off my lips. Now when I speak, my patients can understand me better!” 

~ Dr Sylvia D

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Dimensions 120 × 105 × 25 mm

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