Accu – Band 9000 Gauss Gold Magnets – 12/pkg


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In stock

Accu-Band magnets emit a constant pressure and a concentrated magnetic flux. These ferrite magnets are made of very powerful Rare Earth Cobalt, a product originally developed for NASA, and are plated with 24K gold.

The bionorth (-) side contacts the body.  This bionorth (-) side also features a tiny protrusion (800 gauss) or an indent (6000 and 9000 gauss) at the center of the magnet which provides additional stimulation to the point.

Accu-Band magnets can be applied on most areas of the body and will adhere even in water.

Packaged with one 0.8″ diameter plaster for each magnet.

Accu-Band magnets measure as follows: 800 gauss 0.09″ x 0.2″ dia., 6000 gauss 0.06″ x 0.16″ dia., 9000 measure 0.06 x 0.2″ dia.

Made in Japan.

Note: Do not use magnets or magnetic therapy if using a pacemaker, implanted medical device or insulin pump, as they may interfere with the delicate electronic equipment. Magnetic products are not recommended for cancer patients, patients with transdermal patches, during pregnancy, or for children.

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