Acupuncture Desk Reference Vol. 2


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In stock

By David J Kuoch.

The perfect complement to the original ADR1, Acupuncture Desk Reference V2, 2nd edition (2011) includes: pain management, women’s health, infertility, shen disturbance, facial acupuncture, acutonics, qi gong and Master Tung.

ADR2 includes a differential diagnosis, symptoms, formulas, and points for common health problems. ADR2, like the original keeps concepts brief in nature, a comprehensive book with quick review guiding the practitioner to become a more active participant with patient’s health. This 432-page clinic reference book presents detailed charts, points, symptoms, protocols, and recommended formulas for healthcare professionals.

As a pocket reference, it’s easy to understand, well organized and durable-compact enough to be taken anywhere. With all the invaluable information it offers, ADR1 and ADR2 belongs on the shelf of every health practitioner.

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