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Acutonics For Dogs & Cats


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In stock

By Judith Ponton & Paul Ponton with a preface by Donna Carey.

Proven techniques that support the well-being and overall health of dogs and cats are provided in this easy-to-follow illustrated guide that demonstrates the unique energy balancing system known as Acutonics­.

Rooted in Oriental Medicine and sound healing principles, Acutonics incorporates the use of tuning forks to apply specific musical intervals on or above acupuncture points, and chakras. Photos, illustrations, point descriptions, and an in depth-exploration of the use and application of sound vibration to the rarely explored and profoundly effective eight extraordinary meridians.

Sound vibrations provide a rich source of balance and replenishment for the body and the spirit and easily accesses imbalances that may result in discomfort and illness. The natural resonance that exists between animals and humans can be enhanced through the use and application of this non-invasive methodology designed to promote harmony, balance, and wellness in our companion animals.

Softcover, 189 pgs

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