Beyond Battlefield: Advanced Battlefield & Clinical Pearls


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In stock

By John Howard

Advanced Battlefield Acupuncture (auriculotherapy) combines the clinical effectiveness of the battlefield acupuncture protocol with the works of Dr. Paul Nogier (the father of auriculotherapy). It addresses both acute and chronic pathologies along with treating commonly seen conditions such as sprains, strains, headaches, pains to the back, neck, arm, ankle and leg. It increases the clinical effectiveness and there is a longer period of pain relief for the patient.

You will learn:
•How to use ASP semi-permanent needles?
•When to use magnets to stimulate needles.
•Combining two different metals to create a galvanic current in the point.
•Adding multiple needles to one point to increase clinical effectiveness.
•Using fewer needles to reduce pain.
•How and when to remove the ASP needles, along with proper ear care for your patients.

Clinical pearls special bonus. Each manual comes with a USB drive on how to use a Piezo Pen to treat commonly seen pain conditions by John Howard.

Printed on heavy-duty, semi-gloss paper with rich illustrations, 11.5″x8.5″, 84 pages.

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