ASP Titanium – Semi Permanent 80/pkg


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In stock

ASP Titanium – Semi Permanent 80/pkg

This medical grade titanium ASP® needle offers maximum biocompatibility and is used in preference to treat diseases requiring long term implantation. It is highly recommended for at risk patients: diabetic patients and those with immunodeficiencies or multiple allergies.

Based on the work of Auriculotherapy founder Dr. Paul Nogier these semi-permanent needles offer a strong and lasting stimulation.

Used worldwide for over 40 years the ASP needles are the go to needle for Battlefield Acupuncture techniques, Addiction therapy, Pain management. Titanium is a non-allergenic material and is used for hypersensitive patients.

Rapid, accurate application with no risk of infection.

  • Original shape allowing prolonged stimulation of the auricular point (for up to a few days).
  • Hypoallergenic self-adhesive plasters supplied in each box to protect the needle.
  • The Sedatelec «click» demonstrates the irreproachable quality of the injector, the result of more than 40 years of experience.
  • The bipolar magnet placed in the applicator can stimulate the point after inserting a needle.
  • Manufacture by Sedatelec in France in clean rooms, perfect quality and excellent behaviour of materials over time.


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