Bian Stone Massage Trigger


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In stock

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This heavy bian stone trigger point massage tool is perfect for massaging body and trigger points. It works well as a painless gua sha treatment, and is useful for neck lymph massage therapy, to help relax joints, for foot reflexology, and for sore or achy muscles.

Gua Sha techniques are an integral part of acupuncture and TCM-related techniques. Some tools are for acupressure and deep tissue massage, others are specific for Gua Sha techniques. Gua means to scrape and Sha means redness or swelling. Therefore, Gua Sha techniques involve the use of instruments to apply pressure or scape the skin to promote the extravasation of blood and fluids to promote normal circulation and metabolic processes.

For an excellent book describing these techniques, be sure to check out Gua Sha – A Traditional Technique for Modern Practice by Arya Nielsen.

Measures 4.25″ long on handle side.

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Dimensions 90 × 110 × 10 mm

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