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Ideal for treatment of larger areas such as the back, shoulder, trunk and larger muscles.. Our most popular size! CareWear’s Large Butterfly Magenta Light Therapy Patch is reusable up to 20 treatments, and is designed to maximize movement without restriction. CareWear Light Patches can be mixed and matched or nested together for customized body coverage.

CareWear Light Therapy Patches provide PhotoBioModulation therapy (PBMt) and gentle heat. They are indicated for use in the temporary relief of pain and stiffness in muscles, and joints including arthritis, as well as, the treatment of sprains and strains, the relaxation of muscles and muscle spasms, and for increasing local circulation to accelerate recovery.

CareWear’s light therapy products are FDA registered, CE, and licensed by Health Canada. Available Over-the-Counter without a prescription. Perfect for use in the clinic, at home, in the field, and on the go. Just Stick, Click and Go.

NOTE: The patches will not work without a controller. You must have a CareWear controller to use with the patches.

With up to 1500+ LEDs per Light Patch, CareWear’s Pulsed, Magenta (Red-Blue) Light Therapy patches use a flexible ultra-thin multi-laminate structure with light-guiding adhesive hydrogel. The entire thickness is less than .04 inches (1mm), allowing easy conformance to body contours.

Light Patch Dimensions:
5″ (12.7cm) length
2 3⁄8“ (6cm) to 3 5⁄8“ (9.2cm)
Treatment Area: 56.7 cm2
Blue – 450nm
Red – 640nm
Power Output: 85 mW
Irradiance: 1.5 mW/cm2 average 4.5 mW/cm2 Peak
Fluence: 2.7 J/cm2 – 30 minute treatment
Energy: 153J – 30 minute treatment

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Dimensions 176 × 187 × 3 mm

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