CFBS 120 (Pack of 2)


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Rubber Q magnet sheets (Pack of 2)

These 1.5 mm thick rubber magnet sheets feature Q magnet’s unique alternating North–South magnetic fields in the form of concentric rings alternating with each other.

Use these magnets in applications where the regular Q magnets may not be suitable. Areas of application would include the entire sole of the foot, bottom of the heel, back of the heel, top of the foot over the metatarsals, dorsal surface of the hand over the meta-carpals, and other flat areas where a wide, but not deep coverage is needed (penetration depth is 1.8 cm / 0.71 inches).

Just measure the area and cut the sheet to the size and shape required. Apply to the surface of the skin and secure with medical tape or wrap. If used as an insert for heel or sole of the foot problems, it would be best to have the rubber magnet against the skin, i.e. (inside the sock) not between the sock and the shoe.

  • 50 mT / 500 G (Approximately)
  • 1.4 MGOe Flexible Rubber Magnet
  • Four alternating pole concentric rings (2)
  • Penetration = 18 mm / 0.71″
  • Magnet Length = 120 mm / 4.72″
  • Magnet Width = 50 mm / 2.0″
  • Magnet Thickness = 1.5 mm / 0.06″
  • Pull Force = Pending
  • No Flux Plate attached
  • No Plastic casing
Watch a Q magnets Introduction Video.

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