Chinese Herbal Formulas and Applications


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By John Chen and Tina Chen. This work covers not only the traditional usage of Chinese herbal formulas, but a combined perspective of the pharmacological effects of formulas themselves with clinically relevant research evidence.

As competencies in multiple healthcare disciplines continue to be raised the need for integrative understandings rise with it. This new work expands this aspect with the pharmaceutical effects and clinical research findings to use herbal medicines exclusively or in combination with allopathic medicine. Enhancing the understanding of herbs and herbal formulas from multiple perspectives, it is a valuable resource for achieving improved patient care and therapeutic outcome.

Chinese Herbal Formulas and Applications is a compendium designed to be used with Chinese Medical Herbology and Pharmacology. Both texts have been created for use in the clinic, in the classroom, in research, and to preserve and convey valuable historical information that may yet prove crucial in our future. Written to empower practitioners to become better clinicians, it offers detailed discussion of traditional applications, Chinese therapeutic actions, clinical manifestations, clinical applications, modifications, cautions and/or contraindications, suggested concurrent acupuncture treatments, and a contemporary expansion of clinician training: potential herb-drug interactions. All of these features also serve students and faculty in academic settings. Research professionals and clinicians will find invaluable in vitro information on pharmacological effects and toxicology, and practical in vivo information from clinical and research studies.

Each of the formula monographs discusses the following content sections:

Dosage / Preparation / Administration
Chinese Therapeutic Actions
Clinical Manifestations
Clinical Applications
Cautions / Contraindications
Pharmacological Effects
Clinical Studies and Research
Herb-Drug Interaction
Related Formulas
Authors’ Comments
Additional Resources


Hardcover, 1600 pgs.

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