Chinese Herbal Med. Materia Medica (Portable 3rd Ed )- EP


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The same comprehensive and authoritative content that students and practitioners have always relied on, but in a lighter, more flexible format.

The Materia Medica provides a wealth of practical insight into 530 of the most commonly used herbs in the Chinese pharmacopoeia. Drawing from classical and modern sources, it provides unparalleled perspective to the Western practitioner.

Functional: Herbs are grouped by function for contrast and comparison. Each herb is identified by its pharmaceutical, pinyin, botanical, and family names, as well as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English common names.

Integrated: Actions and indications are integrated with important combinations that illustrate the range of an herb’s functions, with references to appropriate formulas. This presents a more three-dimensional picture of how each herb is actually used.

Insightful: Expanded commentary places each herb in its clinical context through rich historical references. The mechanisms of action underlying important combinations, and comparison with similar herbs, provide a broader context for understanding how the herb can be used with optimal effect.

Safe & Precise: Safety is an important focus, with an emphasis on proper herb identification. Issues concerning standardized products, desirable qualities, variants, adulterants and toxicity are explained.

Resource-rich: Colour photographs compare 20 common herbs, herb tables show specific pathologies of the five yin organs, and a new summary table shows combinations by taste. There are extensive cross references, comprehensive indicies of both herbs and formulas, as well as a general index.

Paperback, 1323 pgs

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