Chinese Medical Herbology and Pharmacology


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By John Chen and Tina Chen.

This exciting new book is the most comprehensive and authoritative text on Chinese Materia Medica to have been published.

Each of the 670 herbs discussed is treated as a single monograph that presents the nomenclature of the medicinal substance, the Chinese therapeutic actions, dosage, cautions and contraindications, chemical composition, pharmacological effect, clinical studies and research.

There are references given for each herb and the author’s often add clinically useful comments. Also discussed are toxicology and herb-drug interactions. The black and white images that accompany each herb discussion also show the substance as professionally prepared for decoction and to scale. Herb-by-herb monographs are organized by function.

The text concludes with ten appendices, contemporary and historical bibliographies, a glossary, author biographies and an index. The first five appendices are cross references by TCM diagnoses, biomedical diagnoses, pharmacological effects, single names, and formula names. The last five appendices cover pregnancy-supporting medicinals, cautions and contraindications during pregnancy, dosing guidelines, weights and measures, and endangered species.

With contributions by more than fifty academic, clinical, research and regulatory professionals, Chinese Medical Herbology and Pharmacology sets a new standard for healthcare professionals, students, educators and researchers.

Hardcover, 1226 pgs

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