Chinese Scalp Acupuncture (BP)


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By Jason Jishun Hao and Linda Lingzhi Hao.

This new book could make a difference in the life of a patient when no other therapies will help.  The authors, who have a combined 60 years of experience using Chinese scalp acupuncture, have given us a true gift: a thorough clinic manual for learning this amazing tool for patients who suffer from seriously debilitating conditions such as the sequelae of stroke, phantom limb pain, PTSD, Meniere’s syndrome, multiple sclerosis, herpes zoster, seizures, essential tremor, and Parkinson’s Disease.

Features of this book include:

  • An introduction to the neuroanatomy and neurophysiology of the brain and scalp for non-Western medical practitioners
  • Chinese medical theories supporting the use of scalp acupuncture
  • Thorough explanations of area locations and uses
  • Details of needle technique specific to scalp acupuncture
  • Excellent color illustrations of each treatment area and for many of the case studies
  • Over 40 case studies with treatment details

If you have ever wished you could do more to help a patient with a serious condition that Western medicine had given up on, you need this book!

Softcover, 266 pgs

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