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The Middle Chiron Tuning Fork symbolizes Chiron’s time on Earth and helps us lift deeply buried wounds so that we are able to expand our present state of awareness. This fork helps us access the deepest parts of self. As we integrate new knowledge into our daily life we are able to expand in many positive directions accepting that we are both multi-dimensional and healthy. Its approximate note is D# and its Zodiacal Rulership is Virgo.

Deity: Chiron
Ohm/Chiron Interval: Creates a major 2nd (whole – the bridge between 2nd and 3rd)
Intervallic Personality: The Ohm/Chiron Major 2nd Internal embodies the archetype of the wounded healer. It is the catalyzing bridge, which crosses the divide and allows a ccess to deep wounds and scars of a physical, emotional, or psycho-spiritual nature in order to transform and repair.
Themes & Keywords: Wounding, the urge to heal and teach, accepting spirituality, initiation, intersection points, mentorship, the gift of the wound, reintegration, service to others, vibrational medicine, divination, urge toward wholeness, the women healer, the healed healer, gratitude, paradigm shifts, repairing and mending, detoxification, analyzing and solving, Earth stewardship
Anatomical Correspondences: Wounds and scars of a physical, emotional or psycho-spiritual nature; left and right hemispheres of the brain
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