Classical Strategies for Effective Herbal Formulation, Part 8: Ginseng & Anti-Ginseng - Course 2

Subtitle: Considerations for Treating Gu Syndrome and Other Deficiency-Based Diseases: Gu Family, Part 1

Dr. Fruehauf introduces the concept of Gu Syndrome. He discusses representative Gu formulas, including their therapeutic actions, indications, and clinical applications. Case studies deepen the understanding of how to treat specific Gu presentations.

Heiner Fruehauf
Heiner Fruehauf

Course Overview

Dr. Heiner Fruehauf's master class on Chinese herbal medicine deepens the lifelong learner’s mastery of herbal prescribing by rooting their understanding in classical principles and practices. It accommodates the needs and interests of all levels, from students of Chinese medicine and newer practitioners to seasoned practitioners who are ever-refining their capacity to successfully treat any condition presenting in the clinic.


For each of eight major herb families, Heiner describes the energetic properties of the lead herb, common herb pairs, and the major herbal formulas. Case examples are presented to provide a clinical context for learning the indications for particular formulas within each family. With this base of knowledge, practitioners can stand on firm ground while being flexible in their ability to design herbal treatments that effectively treat the complex patterns manifesting in our increasingly out-of-balance world.


In the first session, Heiner discusses the clinical concept of Gu Syndrome, and introduces representative anti-Gu formulas. He discusses their historical context, dosages, formula architecture, therapeutic actions, indications, and clinical applications. The focus is on Su He Tang and Jiajian Su He Tang. Case studies and a discussion of Thunder Pearls and Lightening Pearls are used to explain how to create anti-Gu formulas to address specific presenting patterns.


  • Outline the theory of Gu Syndrome. Address the in-depth historical context and different classifications of Gu, the associated Chinese medical pathologies, and discuss its modern clinical presentations.

  • Discuss the prescriptions Su He Tang and Jiajian Su He Tang and addresses their historical context, single herb constituents, structure, dosages, indications, typical applications and case examples.

  • Explain the hallmark symptoms or features of Gu Syndrome that allow you to choose the most appropriate remedy for common presenting patterns, given the Gu formulas presented.

  • Describe how to craft modifications of the given Gu formulas and/or suggest formula combinations that will achieve a desired therapeutic effect for unique presenting patterns.


  • 0 hrs - 30 min

    Heiner discusses the theory of Gu Syndrome, including an in-depth exploration of historical context and the various classifications of Gu Syndrome.

  • 30 min - 1 hrs

    Heiner continues discussing Gu Syndrome and reviews the common hallmark signs and symptoms and Chinese medical pathologies of patients who present to the clinic with Gu Syndrome.

  • 1 hrs - 1.5 hrs

    Heiner further explores how to discern between Gu Syndrome and underlying patterns, including when to use Su He Tang and Jiajian Su He Tang. He addresses historical context, structure, dosage, indications, typical applications and case examples.

  • 1.5 hrs - 2 hrs

    Heiner explains how to modify and/or combine specific formulas to achieve a desired effect for individual presenting patterns. He uses Thunder Pearls and Lightning Pearls as examples.

  • 2 hrs - 2.5 hrs

    The final 30 minutes will be devoted to a question and answer period. Questions will be selected from those posted in the Zoom chat based on relevance for the whole group.


Heiner Fruehauf

Heiner Fruehauf is the Founding Professor of the College of Classical Chinese Medicine at National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) in Portland, Oregon. As a practitioner, Dr. Fruehauf focuses on the complementary treatment of difficult and recalcitrant diseases, including cancer, chronic respiratory and digestive disorders, and inflammation of the nervous system.


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