Clinical Handbk of Chinese Vet. Herbal Med


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By Signe Beebe, Michael Salewski, Lorena Monda, and John Scott.

This handbook is a valuable resource for the application of Chinese herbs in the Western veterinary clinic, and only the second book of Chinese veterinary herbal medicine written in the English language.

Authored by veterinarians with training and experience in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, it is intended to be a practical, all-inclusive handbook for veterinary practitioners, containing sections on Chinese veterinary medicine theory, the use of Chinese herbs, and a reference of commonly used Chinese veterinary herbal formulas. The formulas section features an in-depth description of each herbal prescription, including ingredients, Chinese medicine energetics, Western biomedical indications, contraindications and clinical notes.

The formulas found here are animal-friendly, easy-to-use and readily available in tablets and granules. Indexes at the end of the book make prescribing easy for the veterinarian integrating Chinese herbal medicine into clinical practice.

Softcover, 208 pgs

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