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Dual-Action Jade Smooth & Texturized Roller


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In stock

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The dual-action jade roller measures 8″ long, with one smooth and one textured 1.75″ rollers.
These rollers have been used in China for centuries and can be used daily to help preserve the skin’s youthful appearance. The coolness of jade closes the pores while the roller moves lymph, which can reduce puffiness and wrinkling.
Commonly used in cosmetic acupuncture, it may also be used on the neck, arms, legs and other parts of the body.

To be used with gentle pressure only.

Please Note: product may not be exactly as in a picture.

This is a practitioner requested product* from M. E. (Toronto)

Here is what M.E. says about her experience with this product:

” This is an exciting development is the World of Jade Rollers!

Firstly Jade has a natural affinity with skin being cooling and nourishing. I usually recommend the grooved end be used in the morning with upward strokes in conjunction with a serum, facial oil or face cream.
It is very invigorating to qi and blood circulation, works on fascia, areas of tension and toning of the face. I usually recommend the smooth end to be used at night to entice sleep and relaxation. For nighttime use start on the forehead and work down to the eyebrows and remember to spend a moment on Yintang the extra point for insomnia (located between the eyebrows). It is so relaxing!

*of course there are always fun ‘off label’ uses for the Jade Roller. The grooved end can be used anywhere you would consider doing light gua sha.”

*If you have any products that you would have experience with and would like Eastern Currents to carry, please contact us. We are always looking for products that help practitioners succeed!

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Dimensions 155 × 60 × 25 mm
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