Fascia Buddy Silicone Cups Lite

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Fascia Buddy Lite silicone cups are even easier to apply than our regular Fascia Buddy!

Designed for those with smaller or stiff hands, the reduced “stiffness” element in the silicone allows for easier compression of the Fascia Buddy cups. The unique shape of the cups combined with the reduced stiffness of the cups will enable you to achieve great suction with less effort. Suitable for stationary or moving cupping.Fascia Buddy

Fascia Buddy cups come in a lightweight drawstring mesh carrying/drying bag and include an in-depth instruction booklet for using the cups at home.

Note: Practitioners – having both the standard and light will provide you with greater therapeutic options. The lite version will be easier to apply in tricky areas like the cervical area of the neck, whilst the standard Fascia Buddy will provide strong moving cup options in most areas. Also, having both types of Fascia Buddy cups available for patients to try before they purchase a set for home use is also beneficial. Demonstrate the method of application suitable for the area you are recommending the patient to address at home. Then offer the patient the “Standard” first and then the “Lite” version next. Based on the patient’s feedback, offer the one that feels most easy for the patient to apply. For details on recommending Fascia Buddy to patients for self-care see the following article:

Empowering Patients Post-Treatment with Self-Cupping

Click the link below to download the Fasciabuddy 5-minute low-back, Hip & IT Band self-care protocol PDF.




Practitioners, check out this video by John Stan, DrTCM and discover why Fascia Buddy silicone cups offer more therapeutic choices for practitioners than the standard glass or plastic cups. This video highlights why Fascia Buddy Silicone Cups are the go-to tool for all manner of myofascial problems.



Check out this video by John Stan, DrTCM and learn how to use Facia Buddy Silicone cups in the self care of hammertoe.


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