HACI – Magnetic Cupping Set -12 Cups


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In stock

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This magnetic suction cupping set offers convenience and safety of use. Each cup has an easy to use squeeze bulb which delivers controlled suction.

This product combines cupping and magnetic therapies to deliver the best treatment possible.

Product Features:
  • Acupuncture Points Stimulation
  • No Gun Required
  • Blue Cups (N) (6 each)
  • Red Cups (S) (6 each)
  • Comes with Manual (Chinese) and Carrying Case

Note: Do not use magnets or magnetic therapy if using a pacemaker, implanted medical device or insulin pump, as they may interfere with the delicate electronic equipment. Magnetic products are not recommended for cancer patients, patients with transdermal patches, during pregnancy, or for children. 

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Dimensions 116 × 75 × 158 mm

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