Handbook of TCM Patterns and Treatments (2nd Edition) – BP


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In stock

By Bob Flaws and Daniel Finney.

This book is a collection of TCM patterns together with their disease causes and mechanisms, signs and symptoms, tongue and pulse, treatment principles, guiding formulas and modifications, and acupuncture and moxibustion treatments. It includes many of the complicated patterns other English language TCM books leave out but which Western patients typically present. This book is designed for both the student learning TCM pattern discrimination and as a clinical manual for professional practitioners. Included are Bob Flaws’s personal insights on the discrimination of patterns and their treatment based on his more than 30 years of clinical experience and research.


  • Key Clinical advice for every pattern in easy-to-find boxes
  • A case studies chapter includes real-life descriptions of patterns and treatments with references throughout the body of the text
  • Glossary of important terminology with references in bold face throughout the text
  • Pin Yin and Chinese characters for every pattern and glossary entry

Softcover, 209 pgs

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