Humming with Elephants


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By Sabine Wilms.

This book, a translation of the fifth chapter in the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, Plain Questions (Huang Di Nei Jing, Su Wen) offers a rare glimpse into a radically different way of interacting with the world from the perspective of ancient Chinese medicine, philosophy, and cosmology through a conversation between the mythological Yellow Emperor and his medical advisor that was recorded about two thousand years ago. Dr. Wilms combines her elegant literal translations with a wide selection of medical commentaries and quotations from philosophical and cosmological texts, as well as her personal insights, based on three decades of sinological scholarship and many years of teaching Chinese medicine students.

Here is a guide on how to fulfill our most basic human role of harmonizing Heaven and Earth, offering real Medicine for the body, heart, spirit, for society, and for the universe. May this book make a genuine contribution to creating a healthier, more sustainable and harmonious way for humans to live “between Heaven and Earth” by taking us back full circle to the wisdom of the ancient Chinese sages.

“The message in this book is not just about medicine for humans. It IS Medicine for Heaven and Earth.” — The Nagas of Whidbey Island

This book contains:
  • a literal English translation of the Han period classic side-by-side with the original Chinese source text in traditional characters;
  • a wide selection of historical commentaries, often presenting a range of possible interpretations and disagreements between historical and contemporary scholars and clinicians;
  • contemporary clinical commentary and a foreword by Z’ev Rosenberg;
  • a personal discussion by Sabine Wilms, with clinical pearls from Dr. Rihui Long, based on their years of team-teaching this material;
  • About two dozen gorgeous illustrations by Remee Gemo (cover), Keith Schreiber (photography), Sunjae Lee (paintings), and some photography by Sabine Wilms and Momo Wilms-Crowe.

Softcover, 350 pages.

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